Mini Baccarat is an ancient game of chance played with eight decks of cards and up to seven players. The dealer shuffles the cards, then reshuffles them and places them in a shoe. The game does not allow either sketching or standing. Here are the draw stand rules. The game begins with four cards from the shoe, forming two hands: the Players and the Bankers. The Player’s first and third cards are dealt face down. In the meantime, the second and fourth cards lie face down. The second and fourth cards are now face up for the Banker’s hand. The dealer will draw any extra cards needed to complete the hand.

The most common variation is mini-baccarat. The dealer controls the game and players cannot bank. Mini baccarat is popular among players owing to its ease and speed. They only need to pick outcomes and place bets. This game has a small table that accommodates up to seven players. The compact table and dealer make for quick game play. Some little baccarat tables see up to 200 hands every hour.


The goal is to get as near to nine as possible. Face cards and tens count as zero. The ace is one, the deuce is two, etc.


The dealer pulls cards from the shoe. Two cards are dealt to the player’s side and two to the banker’s side. Tokens are counted by the dealer. If either hand has eight or nine points, it is a natural and no more cards are drawn. If neither hand contains a natural, the player and banker each draw a card face up according to the hit/stand rules. The hand with the most points wins. Tie if both hands total the same number.


Mini-Baccarat has three bet types. In Mini-Baccarat, every round ends in a Player, Banker, or Tie. Pre-dealer bets are placed before the cards are dealt. A bet on the banker’s hand wins if it has more points than the player’s hand. The Player’s hand wins if it has a higher point total than the Banker’s hand. The point counts are equivalent. Winning bets are paid at even money, while winning bank hands are assessed a 5% fee. Ties pay 8-1.

  • Unless Banker holds a natural 8 or 9, player always draws 0. Always on 6,7,8,9.
  • Play ends when Player gets an 8 or 9.
  • A player with a natural 8 or 9 is invariably a banker. Banker is usually on 7,8,9.
  • The Banker’s 8 or 9 ends the game.

But Mini-baccarat Betting Isn’t Limited to That

This version offers the Dragon Bonus as an optional side bet. It doesn’t change the commission structure or drawing guidelines. There are two ways to win: if the Dragon Bonus hand (Player or Banker) is a natural

hand wins by four points or more

How Are Baccarat and Mini-baccarat Different?

Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat vary in that the Players alternate as Banker by passing the shoe (the container containing the cards), whereas the Dealer is always Banker and the Players never touch any cards. 8 card decks are used

Is Baccarat Profitable?

You might think that Banker and Player bets have equal odds of winning and hence pay out 1:1. In baccarat, the Banker has a 45.86 percent probability of winning versus the Player’s 44.62 percent. 9.52 percent chance of a tie