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We are now running regular news updates from our gambling forums site. The forums offer two separate news sections, one for gamblers, and one for webmasters who own gambling sites.

Gambling news forums - This section contains details of the latest signup offers from casinos, new competitions and contests, special bets on offer at online bookmakers and any other items that we think will be of interest to anyone from complete beginners right through to expert gamblers.

Gambling affiliate news forum - This section contains information for site owners and affiliate marketers looking to capitalise on a customer base or website that may be receptive to gambling-related marketing.

With both news services, it is possible to either read the news articles online in the forums section. You can do this by clicking the links above.

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You can subscribe to the two news forums, or any of the other forums on the site - each time a message is posted, you will receive a copy in your inbox.

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01 June 2013

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