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Psychology of baccarat

There can be little doubt that gambling, both for business and pleasure, is a high adrenaline, and often, addictive pursuit. Gambling’s addictive qualities account for the fact that it can produce scientifically recorded highs, (high levels of serotonin release) and many psychologists have theorised and debated over the “altered states of consciousness” that gambling produces.

It has been shown that less than 1% of the gambling public actually beats the casino in the long run. This would support the claim made by the vast majority of casino visitors that they gamble merely for the fun of it and not necessarily to make money. Others say that mere participation, whether they are winning or losing, makes them feel alive.

If feeling alive is measured by a player’s sense of emotional arousal, then Baccarat cannot help but fit the bill. Hope, excitement, power, euphoria, despair, frustration and anger are but a few of the emotions that can be summoned on the turn of a card. When a player wins, their self-esteem rises, as they believe (rightly or wrongly,) that their success came from their courage to risk, and their skill in making the right decision. When a player loses they often associate their loss with other problems they may be experiencing. In either case the player feels involved. To them, the emotions that Baccarat brings forth (even the negative ones,) offer a more interesting alternative to the humdrum boredom of day-to-day existence.

The professional Blackjack player is aware of the powerful lure that these ”altered states of consciousness” have on both mind, and on their ability to play dispassionately and objectively. They develop a game plan and never make the fatal mistake of diverging from it. Once they stray from the path, instead of them controlling the game, the game controls them and they have lost. The serious player will consistently and vigilantly remind themselves that they are there to make money, and not just to have fun in these lavish “fantasy environments” so generously provided by the casinos.

01 June 2013

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